Barefoot Drumming, Unity on Earth 2022

25th May of each year is Africa Day, a special day for promoting Peace and Love around the world.

Since 2000, Hong Kong Association of African Drumming, HKAAD organizes Barefoot Drumming, Unity on Earth
for herigating and promoting the culture of African Drumming regardless of Race, Region, Religion, Resources.

We cordially invite ALL djembe folas around the world, hand in hand, to witness this event.
Whole person participation, regardless of race, region, religion, resources, age and gender.

There are "PHOTO" group and "VIDEO" group.

For enrollment, please send a barefoot drumming photo and/or barefoot drumming video clip of 15-30 seconds with simple and stable rhythm to

A certificate and a emblem (badge) will be sent to each participant

Fee: Free enrollment,

Donation for mailing fee is very much appreciated.

Donation may send by Western Union or Bank transfer to Bank of East Asia Limited, SWIFT code BEASHKHH256, Account number  015 256 68 00648 9, "Hong Kong Association of African Drumming"

Closing date, 15th April 2022, 2359 GMT

Display of works, after sorting and editing of works collected from all over the world, a final edition will be:
(1) submitted to African Union, for celebrating African Day 2022
(2) upload to online medias for public review
(3) upload to for record and download


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send your barefoot drumming photo and/or video to


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